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MaxLaw™ is one of only a handful of professional companies that legally assist the more than 4 million South Africans listed with Judgements, Admin Orders, Garnishee Orders, Defaults and those Under Debt Review. Maxlaw also provides valuable services to an additional 6million South African that are over-indebted and need assistance with balancing their budgets at the end of each month.
Our services set our clients free from the restrictions placed on their lives due to these listings and financial stresses.

Many of our clients are listed wrongfully or excessively, some deservedly. Whatever your situation, we may be able to assist. – more than assist, we will provide you with our professional service and also with the opportunity to earn income from referring us to your friends and family that deserve to be helped.

MaxLaw™ has been helping clients since 2006 and currently we have more that 40 000 (Forty Thousand!) clients on our books! The problems the people in South Africa face are just astounding as it relates to Credit, Lending, Borrowing and Budgeting… but not more so than anywhere else in the world. We are professionals and are here to help. Our legal and financial team is expert at what they do, as it is all they do.
Each and every staff member is hand-picked and expertly trained. If you are dealing with Maxlaw, you are dealing with a professional, established and experienced company like few others.

May your journey with us be a happy one

The MaxLaw™ Team