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Credit Legal Pro Debt Relief

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About Us

Credit Legal Pro Credit Legal & Debt Relief is one of only a handful of professional companies that legally assist the more than 4 million South Africans listed with Judgments, Admin Orders, Garnishee Orders, Defaults and those Under Debt Review and in turn offer debt relief assistance. Our services set our clients free from the restrictions placed on their lives due to these listings.

Many of our clients are listed wrongfully or excessively, some deservedly. Whatever your situation, we may be able to assist. – more than assist, we will provide you with our professional service and also with the opportunity to earn income from referring us to your friends and family that deserve to be helped


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What others have to say

I must convey my satisfaction and total gratitude for the awesome service that I received from Credit Legal Pro.

Credit Legal Pro literally removed the dark cloud that was hanging over me and changed my whole outlook on life and my family’s future in respect of my credit profile.
My Judgment that bothered me for 4 years were removed swiftly and communication during the whole process was outstanding.
Now I am ready to achieve my ultimate goal; to provide my family with a roof over their heads – a home that we can call our own – and Credit Legal Pro made all of this possible.

I would recommend Credit Legal Pro to all those who are in the same boat as what I was.


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