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Credit Legal Pro’s (CLP) was founded in January 2008 after a realisation that almost half of the credit-active consumers had an impaired credit record to some degree and needed legal help to improve their credit standing.

These troublesome statistics and the fact that many consumers indicated that their lives are impacted negatively by their debts were a concern for the founders. As consumers admitted that they do not know their rights or options when it comes to improving their credit rating; CLP introduced alternative debt resolution solutions and services to serve the people of South Africa.

Consumers were scared to go to court with enforcement actions such as Judgments, Administration orders, Sequestrations and Debt review options as no one prepared them and explained the impact and terms of these choices. The vast costs and lengthy legal processes of getting such orders granted were not always conducive for the consumers’ individual needs.

At CLP, we believe that each subscriber has a unique case and needs a solution that suits their specific scenario. We support our consumers through a variety of service offers that are all focused and aligned to improve their lives by supporting them with their debt obligations and alternative solutions.

Over the past decade Credit Legal Pro’s (CLP) assisted hundreds of thousands of consumers to regain a grip on their personal debt and finances and our focus is to improve each consumers’ credit standing by empowering them with access to knowledge about their rights through our customised service offers.

As a trusted brand, CLP has access to a panel of expert attorneys and decision-makers at small – and large financial institutions to ensure that our subscribers always gets the best advice and help in a time and cost saving manner.

Whether our subscribers are looking for a credit assessment on their current credit standing, require assistance to renegotiate repayments of installments or just need legal advice; CLP has an affordable solution that can be customised for the individual need.

CLP takes pride in our service offers to our subscribers and always keep up with an ever-changing credit environment and industry to ensure that the assistance and advice that we offer are to the benefit of our subscribers.

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of alternative dispute resolution solutions and services in the emerging markets.

Our Mission

Credit Legal Pro will focus our legal and financial knowledge and understanding of credit bureaus, credit providers and the court system to guide and assist over-indebted credit active consumers with impaired credit records to reclaim financial control of their lives.

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