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Debt Restructuring

Debt Counselling vs Alternative Debt Resolution

There are alternative debt resolution options other than Debt Counselling, Administration Order and Sequestration to get out of your debt spiral.

Credit Bureaus report that almost half a million consumers are under debt review (2014 statistics). This is shocking as it means that these consumers are all over-indebted by credit providers. However, the statistics of consumers in actual debt repayment trouble is much higher than this number.

Whether you are already under Administration or Debt Counselling – or just considering it as your final solution – Credit Legal Pro has a customized and alternative debt resolution solution for both types of consumers that will assist to you get out of the debt spiral faster.

If you are considering one of these abovementioned legal actions, rather visit our “Bad Credit Report” tab for alternative debt resolution solutions.

Here are the Credit Legal Pro basic service solutions for those already under Debt Review:

Debt Review Assessment:

The aim of this service is to determine your level of indebtedness and after a proper analysis, a qualified Credit Legal Pro Credit Legal consultant will be able to advise you if it will be beneficial to exit the Debt Review process.

Our qualified consultants will also draw up a budget that will indicate your income vs your expenses. This will give Credit Legal Pro a clear indication what you can really afford in line with what you are currently spending on debt repayments and legal action enforcement debt obligations.

The Credit Legal Pro consultant will explain the processes, terms and repercussions as well as the benefits of alternative debt resolution options to you. Your knowledge about your options will empower you to make informed decisions.

Cancellation of the Debt Review, Restructuring and Debt Counselling process

A qualified and knowledgeable Credit Legal Pro Legal Attorney will act on behalf of the over-indebted consumer by completing the paperwork and following the correct procedure to cancel the debt review process; protect the consumer.

Debt repayment installment negotiation and restructuring process

The Credit Legal Pro attorney will also inform all the credit providers whose debt repayments are included in the Debt Restructuring order of your intent and negotiate new repayment amounts with these credit providers that are affordable to you.


Credit Legal Pro is dedicated to continue assistance and support to you while in the repayment phase of your new installment agreements. With our support service and a dedicated assistant assigned to you; Credit Legal Pro offers continual negotiation, restructuring and assistance, especially where credit providers were only open to negotiate restructured repayment amounts for 6 months.

In the event where you are still harassed by the Credit Provider or any agent collecting on behalf of the Credit Provider; Credit Legal Pro will contact them and serve them with a reminder of the current agreement that is in place.

Credit Legal Pro, as a trusted brand, will be able to go straight to the decision-making person every time at the credit provider to ensure that the re-negotiations are successful and completed faster.

As a valued subscriber of the Support service, you will receive our powerful Legal Eagle service absolutely free. This service will provide you with the following benefits:

telephonic advise from a qualified attorney on a wide range of legal matters, like accident claims (road accident fund and medical negligence), divorce procedures and child support, criminal charges (bail applications and parole matters), contracts (will and testament, administration of estates, employment contract, workplace grievances (unfair dismissal, retrenchment advise, unpaid wages, leave related issues, pension – & provident fund), warrants for asset attachment, CCMA Matters, UIF, disciplinary proceedings and injury on duty and negative data related matters at the credit bureaus.

The Legal Eagle service regrettable does not include matters relating to:

Traffic fines

Political matters, and

Old disputes relating to cases prior to the Legal Eagle membership

However, you will still save on costs on consultation with an attorney / lawyer and empower yourself with knowledge regarding your rights.

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